Change your Relationship with Food

Weight loss is easy -- and complicated.

  • Easy, because, for a period of time, you can do what you are told, i.e., eat this food, count these points, or eliminate white foods, and most people lose weight.
  • Complicated, because of what happened to us, how we think, the culture we grow up in, the messages we receive influence our relationship with food, i.e., the choices we make, how much we consume, and how frequently we eat.

Body weight sustainability and health is an inside job and there is no magic wand.

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ADDICTED TO SUGAR? Overconsumption of sugar/salt/fat or synthetic foods relieve pain, whether the pain relief is for the body or mind.and we get stuck in using food to numb the body and distance us from the distress we feel. We might feel acid reflux or intestinal congestion, uncomfortable feelings that correlate psychological distress or trauma in your life or the lives of your ancestors (epigenetics). Breaking these spiraling cycles can occur through powerful techniques and strategies employed in Life Changing Energy Therapies. 

Are You Ready for Breakthrough Immersion?

You have bad habits, can't get comfortable in your body, feel out of control and eat too much junk food. You refuse to diet again and are ready to clean it up. Sanna can help you by resolving food and eating-related conflict, and then, weight loss can happen through simple lifestyle changes.

Call for your 15-minute complimentary consultation.

Resiliency Services

  • Core Healing Initiative
  • Strategy Coaching
  • Junk Food Termination
  • Mindfulness and Breath Training

 Additional Services and Audios

  • Nutraceuticals for Junk Food Control
  • Time to Lose Weight (3 tracks)
  • Time to Lose Weight Collection (7 CDs)
  • Meditation and Breath Work





Terminated Daily 384 oz. Diet Pepsi Habit. "I nursed almost 400 ounces of Diet Pepsi every day. Using Hypnotherapy and EFT, Sanna helped me stop it permanently. I thought I was healthy because I was slender. WRONG! I am better now. THANK YOU!!!" Wayne B., Pittsburgh

Down 23 Pounds. "I had lost weight literally a 1000 times. I was desperate when I called Sanna. My health was slipping badly; I could hardly walk. I got mad at her at first because I wanted a quick fix. During these three months, I learned about my needs, what drove my stress eating habits, and why I was self-destructive. Sanna is very expert. Together we created a way to help me get on a good track."  Jane T., Pittsburgh.

I was Still Eating Childhood Table Trauma. "My bad habits developed when I was three years old! Food fights, drinking, and fighting was common at my house. I would just stuff myself with food and while fearfully listening to and watching my parents fight. Sanna literally cleared the table of this stress and I stopped eating my stress." Lill D., Harrisburg.

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